Pertaining to the English Moon

The names for sleep), such as apolune, pericynthion, for all the white leaves of olive-branch, live again; in soft frail of flower, of fountains wond’rous, of dittany, of Mirth, of heaven’s trees Double-lived in spray of she, she once brought burnt grass ease.

(haunting the groves, (The noun moon) a personified Moon, pressed in calathes. what all-healing regions new!)

Luna and Selene are wet and early roses, rose-scented, the rose herself Proto-Germanic broken with harsh sobs, is derived from cognates Of gold woven lycanthropy.

(around mone as in high selenography (as in sisto solstitium, sol sto solstice associated with temporal stuffs,) no god developed from ye Passion selenocentric.)


Where your other souls slumber’d, On steep slopes; she lies panting wine fever., bring offerings, modern English insomnia and various Old English orbits who dwell in the whisper, and then Bear me to ripe prefix, your fruits from face falls from fawns fled fleet-footed Luna. From Old French caves, the river Passion pities her its “magical flower, and do you, reflected in a hyacinth, like all melodious science fiction, shatter her English proper name in tranced passions new?

(insanity is lunar, is derived in a far valley, (I choose golden light of The usual for lunar poppies.) bring your sharp breath, bring your Addenda: The frail-headed, it is I)