a brief discourse on the dancework

with the night begins her day
awake from heavy leaden sleep
rise and dance now for the man
and all thy thoughts in silence keep

rise now and dance into the light with happy smile and shining face
welcome the laughs be bold be sweet trip up keep up the model dance

in and out and to and fro and sport and play and yield and go
and see the heavy spreading man now watch and sigh and moan in bliss

his sight is blind his age is vain his might is endless first and last
in sport he will most cruel prove such striking folly binds his eyes

o do not weep for her she too is powerful and double bold
she scorns the man she laughs at him yet pain sleeps deadly in her eyes

in time the dancework lamp burns out we all might wake from sleep to wipe
our world’s blind eye and see clear light show grace and love be wise at last

with the day begins her night
phoebus is risen light and fair
no eyes no voices silence now
alone my mistress sleeps on air