a fitting gift to the king

one dissection of a golden dragonfly by random experiment
various instruments of brilliance in florentine goldwork
a lyre of silver and emerald struck from the hands of bards
bunches of cathedral flowers in silver moonstone
grapes like little lemon pearls from apollo’s french chateaux

all alike all diverse kings admire these things

one strange and lovely gift
one head of island hair one gift of ocean blood
rich blood blue blood
now doubly strange
snow blood stone blood

magnificent signature blood of kings

safe destiny of kings set square
safe from ice safe from winds
safe from tearing safe from fighting
safe from lances safe from scalpels
safe on shore safe in harbour

hard uniform of majesty
sculptured in stone
fighting cocks
with raised tails
seafarers, merchants
Admire These Things
fathers tied to the tower
Admire These Kings