an ill wind

I have seen the clamour of the crowd wearied by the day’s work,
by disappointed ambition, gloomy and discordant,
lost in complex rage

I have seen the man on the balcony, honours heaped upon him,
look down and say ‘here is peace, domestic harmony’
with opposite results

night is the signal for for restlessness, dark disquietude and the rising tide

I have seen those hapless friends, alarmed and perplexed,
turned to war on one another, linger on envy
and imaginary distinctions

I have seen those sinister princes of darkness, heavy
in their transparent costumes, their insulting outbursts
pitiless and mad

night is the signal for solitude, for sense lost and a witches’ wind

still, in the darkness, I have seen candle-flames wavering
in windows, the quiet invisible hand of the goddess
in deep mourning

still, in the darkness, I have seen dim stars of gold and silver,
seen a child quicken, astonished,
seen a gentle tender light