clerks writing inventories in ledgers

February 1850:
Plum-tree blossom, great puffs of flowers, browned at the edges, leaf-shapes small, of eastern origin, (blossom time is early)
Music-box birds, bright silver, lopsided, on clustered dog-wood stems, very pretty, (weak songs)
Grapes, green, heart-shaped, fruit of summer greenhouses, (sweeter than apples) (shock)
Tea, a great flood, leaves and roots, fragrance of sandalwood, (sets you up I recall)
New England cows, 50, good milking, (but not in the old way) (staggering everywhere)
A pair of spectacles, long distance, crooked, (false eyes)

May 1850:
days of pens and ledgers
days no-one saw
days on the high stools
days you lean through the glass
days with no voice
days of the hurry-word
days no one knows you
days which came in the night
days when nothing mattered

October 1850:
Goose quill, for decent writing, thin cut, with 25 letter-sheets, (so many verses)
Graveyard stones, slant, propped-up, spotted with light and shadow, (curiously)
Glass marbles, cloud white, weed green, and sky blue, 100, one shattered, (for the little shock hair boy)
Panthers, writhing and marching, in pure gold, sea-jewelled, (aggressive eyes)
Lilac fragrance, from far China, in cut glass, (smell of drained dishpan) (paradoxical)
Forgotten poems, 100,000,000, on spring and lambs, on summer and roses, on children and love, (my old ghosts) (lost, all lost)