goldenmoon speak to us of truth

closepressed mortals sing no-truth not-truth
in their smooth melodious voices

truth is not numbers is not thundr’ous
strengthen your softwoven lunarvoice

brokenmoon speak to us of sorrows

soft sobs from your frail-headed earthsouls
lift your face bring offerings bring herbs

sing to diana-of-the-pities
and her divine all-healing dryads

philosophicmoon speak to us of mysteries

mysteries are not your histories
not arcadia not whispertales

magical mortals find hiddenfruits
new languages of insanity

fevermoon speak to us of passions

breath-panting mortals lunatic-tranced
double-woven in one another

your wetdelights wondrous ripe-scented
gifts of temporal insomnia

godmoon speak to us of science

science is not wisdom not fiction
not seated on altars in heaven

live in selenocentric regions
commit to drawing lunar orbits

fullmoon speak to us of solstice

standstill of the broken satellite
newborn buds on all reflected slopes

senselessnoise falls still in healing sleep
strengthen resist singsoft and find light