o the shadowman

underneath the liquid bloodmoon winterlight dying away now
you sit feverdrenched in sorrows holding on to the faded lie

possessing you from birth the chilly sinkwaves of a deathdark love
you tranced beneath that sweetsoft woman groaning frail with mysteries

dazzling you with tales of glory jangling in blind pulsating light
the old silent western blurs away to leave you swiftwrecked haunted

you gush with more deluded tales in the monotone of a fool
still rolling to the sirenvoice still sleepdancing that dim desire

unhook from those ancient dreams you sound too far too mad now
dreaming of a hidden sunrise-passion at the rustdark cityedge

this lunacy still holding you prisoner this chilly hope
as night is bare and comfortless and histories all stand still

crying shadowman wake from the enchanted and hear our voices
life steals love leaves you sunless we all bleed and life is never fair