shadowchants of the Charm King

in the taking of breath, breathe
breath spreading breath
wildbreath restored by in-turning windbreath, by seabreath, by earthbreath

Charm of the Daily Hearth
Charm of the Shrouded Face
Charm of the Rocky Shore

breath spreading the likeness of breath


in the dreaming of sleep, wake
hour spreading hour
wakesleep restored by in-turning eyesleep, by widesleep, by sidesleep

Charm of the Fever Clutch
Charm of the Candlemas Rose
Charm of the Treasure Bee

wake spreading the likeness of sleep


on the threshold of voice, echoes
time spreading time
echoes restored by in-turning shadow, by shaded, by hid

Charm of the Stranger’s Breath
Charm of the Deep City
Charm of the Lone Boatman

echoes spreading the likeness of voice


in the failing of sight, illume
light spreading light
softlight restored by in-turning circuit, by scarcelight, by straylight

Charm of the Autumn Bloom
Charm of the Fatal Hour
Charm of the Stray Angel

light spreading the likeness of sight


in the uncounted steps, depart
flight spreading flight
flightpath restored by in-turning gracesteps, by headland, by soaring

Charm of the Dark Web
Charm of the Eagle Eye
Charm of the Power Heart

flight spreading the likeness of life