tell me

tell me

– tell me the dreams

have I slept?

– slept and cried

I cried?

– cried and slept tell me tell me the dreams

such strange things to the fits of my ear to the wide of my eye
I climbed beneath the roof of the hill and I touched the moon

– tell me

the white moon dropped descending sinking
nearer now nearer still now stopped
I touched the stopped moon
my thoughts stopped
all thoughts

– all thoughts?

all thoughts
fond thoughts harsh thoughts strange thoughts
thoughts I kept alone quickening fresh thoughts
thoughts folded like a leaf thoughts deep in shells
all stopped still as the dropped stopped moon

– and alone?

all alone
touched moon-touched
I touched the gentlest moon
and I cried sweet tears bright tears sad tears
and I cried tears so harsh tears bitterer than the gods

– bitter?

the bitter gods bent and wayward stopped the moon and moved on
the gods and the fates and the fixed eye all moved on these many years
the gods have done with us we will have no gods now
now tell me and tell only me

– what should I tell?

have I done well, have l?
with my fixed fate, have I?
with my strange passions, have I?
with my quickening fears, have I?

tell me the plot and the lover’s answer
tell me the when and the dare and the slide
tell me the white rose and the mercy
tell me the dead dreams