the ornithologists dream

in their museum livery, the ornithologists browse and observe,
browse and observe to prepare their show:

’silverwing fossil with shattered glass eye’
’oxidised flock of pocked moon-tails’
’ashes of nocturnal waxwing’

posthumous claim obsolete dispute

voice chorus voice chorus

lead skylight

wax draperies




in their dream, a somnambulist mermaid,
chandelier-lit, with fishy charms,
serves white avenues of crystal-dust cocaine

’ornithologist kin, observe, tell me the show’

white-eyed and delirious, the ornithologists add other signs:

‘ecstatic flight in stellectric zodiac dream-skies’
‘starlit cornucopia of mercurial ocean sea-tails’
‘hallucinatory infusoria of lunar-light flockwhirl’

their show
their show will be a dream carousel, a cyclone,
ashes will be starlight, fossils will be mermaids

rejoice, rejoice,
we, a charm of ornitholigists
on the silver-lit starway to immortality