Nature’s Evening-tide

Thy Darkness shall illume dazzling with long lingering light
the mournful woe of Life;

Thy immortal Grace shall show dazzling with long lingering light
the time of mortal Strife;

and, at thy threshold, they shall o’er familiar fields be soaring
long in flight beneath thy Shade.

Of all who lie alone beneath as languishing echoes breath
upon the subject-lands of Heavens and Death

o’er thy threshold they shall depart and stray solemn along the shore
beneath thy Presence as thou dost enchanting be for evermore;

Spring Winter Summer Autumn dreaming o’er Earth and Sea
tow’ring all objects black’ning with thy shadow of dreamy reverie

and in thy Darkness wake
shrouding this age of fevered festered hours

to cleanse and purify
this Age of Lamentation ours

till thee thyself restored shall be