Shadow Girl Reconciled

All of the blue Summer air

and light of the sun leaf-dappled through

Sleeps beyond the tides of Time
Ebbing flowing ebbing flowing

Yesterday I was sitting alone

in the purple splendor of that valley

The Dancing Shade

Earth-bound child alone woven in Shadow spun from my heart
My blood My breath

O there goes Sister Sunlight
My secret saltblood Lover-bride
Flushing the cheek round rosy ghosts of the red curtained Splendour
She passed me by where nothing wild remained
Supple limb with breast flushing in thy primal breath give me one song
While a deeper music threads through my breast
I hear how the music swells kisses of salt
It swells in harmony with lonely grief
and rose because of the Spring
And in the silent valley dark I merged the song of life and death
Light and darkness sun and star
Grey breakers on a primal reef
Wild-rose kisses everywhere

There goes
Sister Sunlight
Sunset eyes of lightflash darkness
wildchild spinning deeper spells making wine of chill blue air
of her laughter cheek so leopard-sleek her dancing blue anklets
Spinning humming bees catch rhythm beyond the tides of Time
to make one old beyond his Time whisper

O Ghost My wandering maid

Humming -bees
flickering glistening green-veined gray
so near so clear she rose she ran red curtained in the silken sky
Take my heaven wisdom past knowing a dream of grief
Nothing remained of my dream
and who shall quarrel with her not I earthbound in shadowcloud
here in the dark alone again
being too reconciled to earth grief and the wine
Lead me into thy healing swim with me in bluedreams
Hear with thy heart the Splendour Humming-bees secret spells
ebbing and flowing spinning
I embrace my heaven and take my rest to rhythmbeat of breath and limb
The blue air wild-rose dancing
We seabirds side by side
The sunlight and the sea with one white beat Earth-bound
Glistening dewdrops met mine eyes
Her wild eyes fade
face all fringed with salt and Sea
Kisses everywhere