• Use words (including poem titles, author names and dates) from the source work(s) only, i.e., it may be a single sonnet; or, a fragment from a play; or, three short poems; or, a short poem and a fragment from an epic piece. However, it is oftener two poems.
  • Word-use may be in the form of a Cento.
  • Word-use may be in the form of a Tzara Cut-up.
  • Word-use may be a combination of the previous two forms.
  • Words may be altered—if all else fails—at the root level, e.g., “alter, alteration, altering.”
  • Words and lines may be repeated.
  • Submit (Copy/paste) your Cut-up piece in the “Comments” form.
  • More than one piece may be submitted.
  • Five (5) days.

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